From the craftsman

Do you know how an office worker becomes a craftsman? That I also don’t know … It happened … At one point … to escape from everyday life … And now this is my way …
A way to ha
ve incredible pleasure in making beautiful, soft and cozy quilts and pillows.
A way to share this pleasure with people who will appreciate and enjoy it when I buy the things I make.
A way to im
part positive and creative energy into every single piece of fabric, in every perfect combination of colors and textures, in all the seams that secure the fabric and transform my ideas into something tangible, tangible.
Tens of hours of work, many mistakes, fixes, experiments …
Days, weeks, and months with uncertainty and indecision … is it worth it at all ???
Well … I’ve al
ready had the pleasure of the process …
Now it’s your turn – to enjoy and own beautiful and unique things – is an incredible pleasure!
I wish you a pleasant shopping!